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House # 59, 5th Floor, Road # 05, Sector # 13, Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh
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URECA Autistic Child Care Center

Since 1990, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act have required that states provide appropriate early intervention and special education to children with disabilities. However, little research has investigated what types of preschool placements are best for children with Autism.

What’s New:  A study published in the journal Autism investigated the differences in outcomes when autistic children were placed in preschools serving only children with in preschools educating children with a variety of disabilities, or in preschools including children with Autism alongside those with typical development. Some Autistic children studied in MANEESHA’s educational wing of URECA School. We established `URECA Autistic Child Care Center’ for attended inclusive preschools--where they learned alongside children with typical development--showed greater improvement on cognitive test scores than those attending non-inclusive preschools.

Why it’s important: Among those children attending inclusive `URECA Autistic Child Care Center’, those with the most severe social and behavioral deficits but at least baseline communicative skills experienced the greatest improvement.