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Income Generating Program

“MANEESHA” is providing people with disabilities with support to establish income generating activities is one of the most significant ways to enable people with disabilities to earn for themselves and to contribute to their family, become independent and gain confidence.

Information from MANEESHA baseline surveys of various districts around Bangladesh indicates that over 50% of people with disabilities are unemployed. Employment levels are comparatively low as a result of discrimination towards people with disabilities in the employment sector, together with a lack of access to the sector, a lack of understanding by others regarding capacity and lower education levels. Most people with disabilities who are employed are involved in income generating activities. - That is, they are self-employed.


MANEESHA is working to improve economic conditions for people with disabilities. To do this, the program includes the following activities:

  • Weekly savings scheme for Grassroots Disabled.  
  • Establishing a cooperative loan scheme.
  • Providing loan support for Savings Fund and Program Acceleration Fund;
  • Home and community-based income-generation skills training for people with disabilities (as like tailoring, animal husbandry, crop rearing, grocery store, shop management etc.).
  • Assisting individuals and communities to initiate appropriate income-generating activities (provide tree saplings to establish a nursery);
  • Assisting people with disabilities to access local financial institutions

Job placement both within and outside the community