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House # 59, 5th Floor, Road # 05, Sector # 13, Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Hot Line: +8801715077055, +8801757737700, +8801919737700


“MANEESHA” is a Human & Charity Organization established in 1972. Inspired by the humanitarian ground and self Confidence to help the people of Bangladesh under the poverty line and most sufferer, victim by the natural disasters, The millions of people who are going through the pains of hunger, sickness, abject poverty, abused, illiteracy, homelessness, orphanage, divorce and rejection, will find solace from the warm hands of “MANEESHA,”

We are a Charitable organization that helps to prevent people from becoming Homeless, Deprived, Orphan, Disable in the Bangladesh, by providing few of them rental, educational and financial assistance that would have otherwise driven them to the streets.

We provide 100% Rehabilitation for deprived children, orphan, old man-woman’s, Beggars and Disabled People of our country, with particular emphasis on Dhaka city.

We also help to poor Mother & Child by providing medical support to the remote communities of the district labels of Bangladesh. In addition to that, we look out for the poorest of the poor, like orphans and widows in such unfortunate situation for further assistance. With no one to provide shelter or care, orphaned children are often left to wander the streets and scavenge for food. The lucky ones will be admitted to local orphanages — modest buildings often suffering from understaffing and disrepair. Many of these orphaned and abandoned children become undernourished and will not receive an education. They will grow up without ever feeling loved. “MANEESHA” takes care, looks after and nourished for better life.